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The RGB wine barrel storage racks deliver a barrel storage density unachievable by other methods.

The Rack has been designed to stack eight high and has been tested by the University of South Australia for load and stability characteristics.

Our rack offers the following advantages:

1) No weight at all on barrel (Leakage and damage reduced)
2) With adequate roof height, storage capacity can be doubled, reducing the storage cost/litre of wine (8 high = 6.4m to 7.2m depending on barrel sizes)
3) Offers a safer and more efficient alternative for barrel shed OH&S requirements
4) Estimated productivity gains of 30% in Barrel Shed logistics
5) The Barrel Rack will efficiently hold all sizes of barrel, local and imported
6) Racks available to hold either 2 Barrels or 4 Barrels
7) The RGB Barrel Rack is virtually indestructible, being made from galvanised Duragal RHS.
8) Semi-trailer loads of up to 170 Racks possible.
9) The RGB Barrel Rack is complimented by a range of materials handling equipment for barrel lifting, turning and washing.

Also available with polyurethane rollers, which enable barrels to be rotated in the racks to stir the lees without the introduction of oxygen into the barrel. The rollers also assist with barrel positioning and washing while remaining in the rack.

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RGB Industries

23 Heath St
Lonsdale SA 5160
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Incorporated in 1985, RGB Industries is a general engineering company, providing press metal components, tooling, machining, metal fabrication and materials handling solutions to the Automotive, Wine and Mining Industries.

In 2001, we introduced our Barrel Storage System to the Wine Industry, which revolutionized barrel storage and handling. It offered a safer and more efficient alternative for barrel storage and OH&S requirements.

As a result, RGB Barrel Racks are sold in Australia, the U.S.A., Canada and New Zealand.

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