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ABEVE are the Australian distributor for Willmes over five years ago and already our customers are seeing the benefits of the Sigma and Merlin presses.
Willmes were the original manufacturer of the pneumatic press in the 50's and then the tank press in the early 70's; they were and still are the leading manufacturer for wine presses. Even now you can walk into many wineries in Australia that still have a 30+ year old Willmes press operating! This is the benefit of investing in German engineering and workmanship.

In the last 15 years Willmes have been perfecting their patented and innovative VERTICAL DRAINAGE and Double Membrane system which provides REDUCED SOLIDS in juice, GREATER FILLING CAPACITY, SHORTER PRESSING TIMES and REDUCED AIR-POWER CONSUMPTION. Most importantly the vertical screens that allow easy removal from out side the press tank, i.e. No CONFINED SPACE ENTRY, no OH&S problems.

The MERLIN series of presses feature S/Steel vertical drainage screens and a large door opening for loading and unloading. The Merlin Presses are available in models ranging from 1,100 to 5,000 litre tank volumes (2 - 10 tons of crushed white grapes).

The larger SIGMA series of presses feature the patented FLEXIDRAIN system which provides faster juice drainage that available in any internal s/steel screen. The Sigma presses are available in models ranging from 3,000 to 34,000 litre tank volumes (6 - 70 tons of crushed white grapes).

Please view the attached video showing the innovation and workmanship of the Willmes Presses.

Please contact ABEVE for details and pricing on a Willmes press for vintage 2023.
Occasional refurbished units available.


10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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