VinCool refrigeration monoblocs and VinPilot tank temperature controllers

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The VinCool range of refrigeration monoblocs continue WFT's expansion of their product range allowing the winemaker to source everything from one reputable European manufacturer.
The VinCool VCC range has an installed an internal buffer tank and pump making them ideally suitable for the boutique winery.
The VinCool PCC range combines with an external insulated buffer tank station with 2 pumps and control panel for the small to medium winery.

The VinPilot Controllers offer varying levels of sophistication from the simple tank temperature control to a complete winery management sytem:
VinPilot One Flex - with probe installed in the thermowell on the front of tank
VinPilot One Split - installed next to the tank with a 6 metre flexible temp probe
VinPilot Easy - tank controllers with a PC Software allowing graphing of ferments and set tank temperature according to targets or the graphs.
VinPilot Smart - tank controllers with a PC Software with Wine Batch Management, tank temperature control and the ability to add the Mobile App for remote supervision - intervention.
VinPilot Pro - Total Winery Management, with tank temperature control. wine batch management, control of the installed Micro/Macro Ox, Air Pulse, Fermentation management by CO2 , pump overs and the ability to add the Mobile App for remote supervision - intervention.
VinPilot Panel - a centralised cabinet for the tank temperature controllers which can be linked back to the winery PC with the above software (upgraded to the VinPilot ProPanel)
VinPilot Compact - a mobile controller with it's own motorised ball vale, 6 metre temperature probe and transformer. This is ideal for independent control of VC Tanks, open fermenters or portable tanks during vintage before being transferred to a storage tank during maturation.
VinPilot Motorised Ball Valve - allowing full passage of the cooling/heating solutions into the cooling plates without the need for inline filters. With a soft opening/closing to stop shuddering.

All VinPilot systems are IP67 and come with a 5 year warranty.
All parts are manufactured and built in Europe.

10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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