Varietal Wine Poster Collection - SET OF 6 POSTERS

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Varietal Wine Poster Collection - SET OF 6 POSTERS

Striking full-size charts of each type of wine grape. Printed on heavy poster stock
and already laminated (worth $120)!

Each chart is 46 x 61 cm

The titles in the TasteTour Wine Chart collection are:
• Cabernet Sauvignon: King of Red Wines
• Chardonnay: World's Greatest Dry White Wine
• Merlot: Generous, Noble Red Wines
• Pinot Noir: Queen of Red Wines
• Sauvignon Blanc: White Wines of Distinction
• Zinfandel: Fine Wines For Every Taste

Each wine chart is a convenient reference to one wine style:
• Each chart is 46 cm x 61 cm and printed on heavy duty poster stock
• Charts are full-colour depictions of each wine grape style
• Charts include a complete range of aromas and flavors found in wines based
on these world-famous wine varieties.

Beautifully illustrated, short wine varietal guides covering six of the world's finest wine varieties. Includes free deluxe slipcover and one tasting note pad, absolutely free!

Each wine varietal guide is a complete reference to one wine variety, and includes:

- What it tastes like, including a stunning "taste map"
- Foods to enjoy it with
- How to serve it (glass type, temp.)
- Major styles
- Where the varietal is grown
- A brief taste profile
- Aging potential
- Major districts and regions

Valued at over $400, now only $250
Wine Aromas Australia

PO Box 46
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