TORR 120 - Complete Pouch Filling System

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TORR 120 Semi Automatic wine pouch filling system. Includes everything as shown in photos. More info, pictures and video available on request.
The TORR 120 is very easy to set up and use and is also very portable. We purchased this system new from TORR in the USA in 2022 and it has been faultless in operation and enabled us to scale our flexible packaging/wine pouch business rapidly. The only additional equipment required for the use of this system in compressed air.

From TORR Website:

The TORR 120 Table Top filler is designed to fill Stand up pouches (SUP) pouches with 8mm through 28mm fill fitments in side seam from 0.187 to 3 liter capacity. The filler is a single head, manual filler. The operator loads the filler by inserting a pouch into the bag in-feed rack. The fill valve then moves down into the spout via air cylinder that is actuated by a sensor. Product is metered into the pouch.

Product measurement: 1 inch turbine flow meter is standard, +/- 0.5% accuracy by volume. The meter is constructed of FDA approved food grade acetyl plastic.

Product Contact surfaces: All piping is 316L stainless steel and 3A-approved plastics and flexible lines.

Utilities: Power -100-240VAC, 50-60Hz @ 5A. Compressed Air – 6 bar @ 50 l/m clean & dry. Nitrogen - Optional. 6 bar@30 l/m.

Performance: Dependent on operator dexterity and flow rate. Approx. 6 to 8 pouches per minute.

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