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In Australia, pest birds cause in excess of $300million damage annually to our broad acre &
horticultural industries. If left unprotected pest birds can obliterate a crop within hours.
The most common methods of pest bird control employ trapping, poisoning & the use of exclu-
sion products such as netting, bird spikes, wires and gas guns. While effective these control methods are expensive to establish and maintain.

Scarybird is a viable alternative.
We know from the wild that the main predators of pest birds are birds of prey, the raptors (ea-
gles, hawks & falcons). From observations of bird behaviour it is clear that when raptors are around,pest birds quickly disappear. While the use of a live raptor would be the most effective solution to the problem it requires a handler making it prohibitively expensive and impractical.

Introducing Scarybird, a new concept in the ecological management of pest birds.
At the heart of this deterrent system is a raptor shaped kite attached to a 9 metre telescopic pole. The kite, made from lightweight Kevlar, hovers in the breeze mimicing the flight of a bird of prey, scaring pest birds away. Compared to other bird control methods, Scarybird is a simple, effective, affordable solution. Importantly it is 100% environmentally friendly. Birds are scared off, they are not injured or killed. While no scaring tool can ever be considered 100% effective, Scarybird is a viable solution helping reduce fruit losses from bird damage.

We are the Australian distributor and have successfully used Scarybirds in our vineyard over the last 5 years to control in particular native birds including cockatoos, galahs, cockatiels and parrots.

Scarybird is available in Australia in a 9 metre version (which is particularly suitable for horticultural row crops) either from the Scarybird Australia Website (www.scarybird.com.au),or from reputable bird control and viticultural supplies specialists Australia wide. Trade inquiries welcome. For further information contact us: e:info@scarybird.com.au p: 0411 553 909.

Scarybird Australia

155 Wild Dog Track
Warrenmang VIC 3478
Scarybird originated in France in 2007 in response to a growing need for alternative and humane methods of pest bird control. Since then it has spread across the world & is now sold in over 30 countries. Our technical team continues to work on developing ecological solutions to win the fight against pest birds. Ultimately our goal is to provide farmers, bird control experts and individuals with a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly, effective and reliable products.

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