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Prettech specializes in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel wine tanks using both SUS304 and SUS316L materials. These robust and meticulously crafted tanks are strong engineered ensuring durability and reliability. They can be tailor-made in either cylindrical or square shapes, with options for jacketed or non-jacketed, insulated or non-insulated configurations. The tanks are available with various support options, including legs, forkable lift, or plinth, offering flexibility to meet the diverse equipment needs of winemakers in their wine production processes.

Prettech tanks cover:
• Pick up bins
• Open top fermenters
• Storage tanks
• Forkable tanks
• Floating lid tanks
• Insulated tanks
• Stackable square tanks
• Stainless steel walkway and staircase

Prettech offers a volume range for their wine tanks spanning from 500 liters to 100,000 liters.

The interior welds of all tanks are polished and treated through pickling and washing to eliminate any burs or welding defects. Our welders are highly skilled and certified to ensure the tank welding in high quality. 90% work are finished by morden processing machine which
include laser cutting machine, laser automatic welding machine, laser tube cutting machine, precision CNC sawing machine, automatic pipe bending machine,robot welding machine, plasma cutting machine, precision leveling machine and other high-end equipment to ensure the quality of products, as well as improving the working efficiency to achieve the short lead time. Every tank are fully tested before delivery, most optimised packing and container loading are adopted to make sure tanks arrive in best condition. All of this work guarantees Prettech tanks are high quality and enjoy an excellent reputation.

Why Choose Prettech?
- 52 years of history
- Served for Australian and New Zealand market for 16 years
- Customise tank
- Cost-effective
- Reliable, stable quality
- Guaranteed delivery time
- Quick and reliable after-sales service
- Perfect logistics and door-to-door service

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Jiangsu Pretank Process Co., Ltd

A-floor 16, RD HUB 2, Science and education Town No. 801, Changwu Middle Road, Wujin District
Changzhou City, Jiangsu 213106
Jiangsu Pretank Process Co., Ltd Abby Yang
Pretank (Brand name Prettech) is specialize in stainless steel wine tank’s manufacturing in China. Until the end of 2020, we have 4000 staff, 666,000 m㎡ floor space and US$240 million annual sales. We have the most advantage technology R&D capability in the industry,adopt PDM,3D and FEM to design vessels, Engaged in formulation of National Standard in designing, producing, inspection and transportation, laser and auto.machines are used for improving quality and shorten construction period. Prettech products have served for 100,000 customers, and are exported to over 100 countries of Asia, Europe, America, Africa, our excellent product quality and services get most favorable praise and notices, the whole of Pretank group wish to offer further constructive solutions for fluid processing.

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