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An essential guide to recognising and understanding the influence of oak on wine.

Twelve (12) major aromas that oak imparts to wine and a comprehensive booklet outlining how oak impacts on wine, the various stages that wine undergoes as it matures in oak barrels, and how the skill of a cooper influences the wine.
IncludeS detailed pictures of species of oak, barrel making, oak grain, and maturation in oak. Oak wood is the only truly remarkable wood for keeping and ageing wine thanks to its inherent properties such as the quality of its tannin and fine aromas. It can be shaped and it is porous and permeable which favours gradual oxidation.

What will I learn?
- How to recognise, assess and describe the aromas that new oak contributes to wine
- Understand the differences between the various species of oak used for barrel making
- The contribution oak makes to a wines development
- Why oak is the most appropriate wood for maturing wine and spirits
- The synergy between winemaker and cooper
- The barrel-making process step by step, the coopers art, the interaction between oak and wine and the importance of the barrel toasting process
- Define the difference between barrels made of French and American oak
- How to differentiate between the oaky aromas naturally present in the woods and those engendered by the barrel toasting process.

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