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GT Filler with CDA R1500 labeller
Automatic Rinsing - Gravity Filling + Screw Capping Triblock
• Rotary rinsing turret with 9 pincers
• Rotary filling turret with 8 valves for gravity filling system
• Single-head capping turret for aluminium screw caps 30x60
• No. 1 set of change parts for 1 glass bottle 75cl
• Chain drive motor with stainless steel chain and side-to-side passage
• Output max 1.200 bph
• Nitrogen injection before filling
• Nitrogen injection before capping
• Voltage : 415V-3ph-50hz
Easy to use, plus at just the flick of a switch to change closure types!

Labeller R1500
• The R1000-R1500 range enables up to 4 labels applications and the crimping of metallic and PVC capsules or sparkling wire hooding
• Easy touch screen display
• Frequency variator at the entrance of the machine to regulate space between the bottles and the feeding speed
• Rotating 700mm reception table at outlet of the conveyor collects the labelled bottles
• Production:Up to 1500 BPH

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SA & WA: 0401 560 550
Grapeworks Pty Ltd

71-75 Redwood Drive
Dingley Village VIC 3172
Grapeworks provides wineries with a complete range of winemaking equipment and supplies, a full range of winemaking yeasts, fining agents & chemicals, Cellastac bottle storage and bulk wine cellaring and storage products, packaging solutions, bladders, casks, vineyard equipment, cellar door accessories, wine preservation, bungs. We are specialist sparkling wine product suppliers of Secondary ferment yeasts nutrients and adjuvant, tirage and final closure crown seals, corks, muselets and Sparflex sparkling wine hoods.

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