New -1.5KL Olavin Mini Tanker

Olavin Australia
12 Basedow Rd
Tanunda, SA 5352
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‣‣ Amazing! Beautiful! Excited!
‣‣That’s the way you’ll feel about these Olavin tanks.

☑ fermentation

☑ storage

☑ transport

☑ stackable

☑ forkable

It is the No. 1 all-in-one tank choice for premium wineries.

What's more, it is 25%+ space saving than regular round tanks.

‣‣ 2023 Upgraded Olavin Mini Tanker Benefits

🔸 Super-efficient jackets, which help lower your energy bill by 30% and more

🔸 Inside weld seam polished to dairy grade, improving your wine quality and reducing the water usage

🔸 Manhole electropolished to give a top-notch feeling


‣‣ Contact us today to own this flexible tank.

👤 Becky
☏ 0412 119 693
✉ info@olavin.com.au

‣‣ Copy & paste the below link in your browser: you will get a FREE brochure.
🔥 https://olavin.com/mini-tanker-campaign-a1.html 🔥

▬▬▬ Olavin Australia ▬▬▬
⬜ Australia Wide Shipping
💬 Even if it is only one tank, you could expect reliable, nationwide shipping from Olavin.
⬜ Not content with the Olavin tank quality?
💬 Do not worry. You are protected by our 30 days, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. 30 days upon acceptance, if you are not happy with Olavin, just return the tanks and you will get your 100% refund immediately.
⬜ Could you have the Olavin tanks customized to your own needs?
💬 Of course yes. In fact, you will receive FREE unlimited professional technology support from Olavin.
When you are starting a new tank project, it is essential that the people you talk to fully understand what you mean, and what you want!
Olavin will make sure your every subtle requirement is taken good care of.
⬜ How long is the lead time?
💬 For stock tanks, 3 days
💬 For your customized tanks: 60 days for production
Olavin Australia

12 Basedow Road
Tanunda SA 5352
You have dozens of different tank makers to choose from. Why Olavin? The BIG REVEAL is here!

❶ You could buy 100% handcrafted LUXURY wine tanks for 30% off market value from Olavin.

❷ You could clean Olavin wine tanks twice as fast.

❸ You will receive UNLIMITED and FREE tank engineering from Olavin.

❹ You are protected by our 30 days, no questions asked money back guarantee.

There are various Olavin tank products that you can customize at affordable prices if you purchase them now. Get an obligation-free quotation TODAY and see how Olavin will help saving you thousands.

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