Nally Picking Bins available now. ORDER before the price rise.

Grapeworks Pty Ltd
71-75 Redwood Drive
Dingley Village, VIC 3172
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Get your picking 2023 vintage bins at the 2022 prices!!

Nally bins - ideal for picking and fermenting.

Inter stacking 780 litre Nally picking bins
Measurements: 780 Litre, 1165mmL x 1165mmW x 780mmH Solid – (BEIGE)
- Solid lid and
- Soft Covers - Non-breathable & breathable, ideal to reduce vinegar flies
- Food grade bin liners.

PLUS - Huge range of Red Ferment Vats, in sizes:
225L, 350L, 500L, 700L & 1000L. Breathable & Non breathable covers also available to suit.

Order now before sold out, call or email Grapeworks:
03 9555 055

Grapeworks Pty Ltd

71-75 Redwood Drive
Dingley Village VIC 3172
Grapeworks provides wineries with a complete range of winemaking equipment and supplies, a full range of winemaking yeasts, fining agents & chemicals, Cellastac bottle storage and bulk wine cellaring and storage products, packaging solutions, bladders, casks, vineyard equipment, cellar door accessories, wine preservation, bungs. We are specialist sparkling wine product suppliers of Secondary ferment yeasts nutrients and adjuvant, tirage and final closure crown seals, corks, muselets and Sparflex sparkling wine hoods.

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