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Juclas MFTC Crossflow - Fully Automatic - 2 Membrane (30m2)

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Reservoir, VIC 3073
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Make the most out of your EOFY Tax Rebate by placing an order for one of our high quality Juclas MFTC Crossflow units. We have two units in stock, as well as another two on order that will be arriving in August*.

The MFTC is the answer to the needs of modern winemakers, it respects all the organoleptic and structural characteristics of the beverage, it is economical and with the ability to process significant volumes on a daily basis. These units are fully automatic, meaning that minimum presence of operators is required during the filtration and washing cycle. Cleaning procedures are supplied with the machine to allow for a complete regeneration of the membranes.

Main Features:
- Possibility to run an automatic filtration program.
- Efficient and differentiated regeneration processes.
- Pre-set the volume of wine to be filtered. Once the volume is reached the system will stop.
- Automatic management of back-flush: during filtration it’s possible to enable the automatic
back-flush of the membranes with filtered wine, so to reduce clogging of the membranes.
- Automatic management of intermediate washing cycles: during filtration it is possible to
enable the automatic startup of washing sequences with cold/hot water allowing to extend
the working time of the filter without the intervention of the operator.
- Automatic management of CIP washing cycle: at the end of filtration the operator can start
the chemical cleaning cycle to regenerate the membrane.
- Control in real time of the entire system: the control of the valves status, the control of the
digital sensors and all the data read by the sensors on board.
- Diagnosis of functioning anomalies; the software verifies: that the procedures started by the
operator are correct and compatible with the use of the filter, performs a continuous
diagnosis of the instruments on board and all that all the operations are working within the
set parameters.
- Possibility to run an automatic test to check the integrity of the membranes.
- Possibility to run an automatic test to check the effectiveness of cleaning procedures.

Contact us now for information on the Juclas MFTC Crossflow, pricing or for a formal quotation on one of these units.

*Arrival dates of MFTC's on order are subject to change.

59 Banbury Rd
Reservoir VIC 3073
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