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The VinPost Repair is MOST SECURE post repair on the market.

VinPost has SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGES over the competition.

1) VinPost is CAD designed for Max strength.
2) Vinpost HUGS the broken post, which makes it more secure.
3) Vinpost has NO SHARP EDGES, so it does not damage machinery.
4) Vinpost's pointed end ensures reduced resistance during installation.
5) Vinpost's offers 10 screws holes offer superior hold.
6) Vinpost is longer so it offers better hold both in the ground and up the post.
7) Vinpost Reuses the existing wire trellis and broken post.
8 ) Vinpost does not fill with water or whistle in the wind.

Free "J-Wack" with your first bundle (250) ordered.
* "J-Wack" takes the impact point away from the canopy and wires.
* 75mm Grade 3 CCA pine Screws for available with you order
* repair 30+ post repairs per hour

Driven down the side of the broken post, using a "POST KNOCKER or JACK HAMMER" and the "J Wack". The broken post is then pulled back into the VinPost and screwed securely into position using 75mm hex head screws at opposing 90 degrees.

The unique CAD designed "W" shape means the Vinpost Repair has NO SHARP EDGES and wraps around the post offering additional strength.

VinPost offers the vigneron the ability to quickly, safely and efficiently repair a broken pine posts by re-using the existing pine post & clips.

Reduces the time, reduces the cost, reduces damage to the canopy and the reduced risk of injury, makes the Vinpost repair solution simply the best option for repairing broken pine vineyard posts.

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17 Penley Avenue
Wingfield SA 5013
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