Georgian hand-made terracotta Kvevri for sale

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These rare terracotta fermentation and storage vessels have been used for over 8000 years in Georgia as the traditional fermentation and aging vessel. Hand made by one of the few remaining artisan kvevri makers they are in high demand across the world. Designed to be buried in the earth they can also be used above ground with the aid of a stand or crate. Their unique pointed egg shape is custom designed for macerated wines allowing for perpetual motion while capturing seeds, lees and skins in the pointed bottom. Perfectly designed to aid the motion of fermentation or for longer term aging with minimal losses.

Already being used successfully in a selection of small Australian wineries

Full instructions for use and maintenance available.

Sizes available range from 300l to 1500l.

Enquire now to secure stock for vintage 2024. In-store and pre-order
Vinous Solutions

80 Justin St
Lilyfield NSW 2040
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