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***New Barriques available - staves sorted and selected by NIR profiling
***New Puncheons (500 L) available
***New 1000 Litre Experience forkliftable available
***New 1000 Litre horizontal available
***New 25 hl Conical closed vats available

From the premier large format cooperage in the world – Garbellotto - who supply most of the top European wineries and specialize in large format cooperage. They’ve been at it for almost 300 years, and no-one makes better, or stronger tonneaux than they do, from 225 barriques through to 25,000 litre vats.

Garbellotto have developed and patented an NIR (Near Infra-Red) technology (backed by decades of wet chemistry cross-referencing) to sort staves based on aromatic precursors. No other cooperage is currently capable of selecting staves for barrels this way. The cooperage seasons the oak for 3 years, then in the production phase for making a barrel they NIR scan each stave to determine what the aromatic pre-cursors of the stave wood are, and they sort the staves into one of 5 categories…

All staves have been sorted into flavour and texture profiles:

• Sweet – a predominance of vanillin and furfural
• Spicy – a predominance of lactones and eugenol
• Structure – a balance of polyphenols and tannins
• Equilibrium – a balance of these precursors

and 1 of 5 staves are rejected from the barrel program after sorting in this way as containing hi levels of bitter and herbaceous aromatic precursors...
Australian & New Zealand Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
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