GAMBA Barrels. Special on a 1500L available NOW!

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GAMBA large oak format casks, fermenter vats and barrels are available in specific forests, shapes & sizes from 114ltr to Large Format Oak Casks at 6,500ltr.
GAMBA premium barrels are used by a loyal following worldwide with customers using larger format oak on ultra-premium wines and smaller barrels matched with variety down to the block level.
GAMBA French forest select barrel range includes: Troncais, Jupille, Allier, Fontainebleau, Vosges, Cher, Nevers, Hungarian and other forests.

Available in French, Hungarian, Slovenian & American Oak.
• Barrel Sizes: 114, 115, 225, 228, 300, 350, 500, 600, 700L.
• Casks/Foudres/Botti in sizes from: 1,500L to 6,500L.
• Oak Fermenter in sizes from: 1,100L to 5,400L.
• Option of water and fire bent staves for barrels.
A complete range of stainless steel fittings & accessories available.

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Grapeworks Pty Ltd

71-75 Redwood Drive
Dingley Village VIC 3172
Grapeworks provides wineries with a complete range of winemaking equipment and supplies, a full range of winemaking yeasts, fining agents & chemicals, Cellastac bottle storage and bulk wine cellaring and storage products, packaging solutions, bladders, casks, vineyard equipment, cellar door accessories, wine preservation, bungs. We are specialist sparkling wine product suppliers of Secondary ferment yeasts nutrients and adjuvant, tirage and final closure crown seals, corks, muselets and Sparflex sparkling wine hoods.

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