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We have a Padovan Dynamos 5 HP rotary crossflow lees filter in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

The new generation of Dynamos filters are the cutting edge of technology, offering versatility and a high degree of automation.

Some benefits include:
Filter any product in the winery, including juice and wine lees, regardless of any additives.
Requires no filtering medium, thereby eliminating the costs and OH&S issues associated with d.e. filtration.
Massive energy and CIP chemical savings when compared to wide-bore crossflows.
Prolonged filtration cycles (which can exceed 100 hours) mean less CIP and more filtration hours per day.
Limited temperature increase during processing (<3 degrees).
No oxidation, dilution or earth taint means no downgrade of product.
The filtrate is less than 1 NTU - always.
Minimal labour requirement.
Maximises yield while minimising waste.

With units available from 0.1 sq.m. to 128 sq.m. there is a Dynamos filter suitable for your winery. Ring us to discuss the benefits of this technology.
Ridgelea Pty Ltd

PO Box 305
Lonsdale SA 5160
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