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Considering a Europress? A USED T80 Closed Press is available to order.
• Full stainless steel
• Digital display
• 1 pneumatic door with hermetic sealing
• 1100 mm press extensions (these can be removed or reduced if required)
• Without incorporated compressor, so it is prepared for external air supply (can have an incorporated compressor installed at factory if required)
• Cable remote control with 4 functions (rotate left and right and open/close door)
• Inside of the drum has the electropolished finish. So pretty close to mirror finish and extremely easy to clean

Talk to anyone who owns a Europress, their quality and performance is second to none. Europress's unique design maximises juice yield from every grape plus it's the easiest and fastest press to clean. Europress is renowned for its ease of use, reliability, quiet running and has more slots than any other side membrane press. It's sturdier than any other press and 100% Stainless steel construction that lasts more than a lifetime. Call now about the new generation and its enhanced features
Available in three press systems, Open, Closed and the unique Dual System.
Other features include optional frequency variation of motor speed for drum rotation.
Europress builds all the crush pad equipment you need including, in-feed hoppers, elevated walk ways etc.

Call now for more information on the Europress range.
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71-75 Redwood Drive
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Grapeworks provides wineries with a complete range of winemaking equipment and supplies, a full range of winemaking yeasts, fining agents & chemicals, Cellastac bottle storage and bulk wine cellaring and storage products, packaging solutions, bladders, casks, vineyard equipment, cellar door accessories, wine preservation, bungs. We are specialist sparkling wine product suppliers of Secondary ferment yeasts nutrients and adjuvant, tirage and final closure crown seals, corks, muselets and Sparflex sparkling wine hoods.

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