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Is your company exporting wine to China?

Then Glen Greens' Essential Wine Tasting Guide (Chinese Language Edition), could be just what you need!

Market & Educate
Inexpensive and effective way to educate the Chinese wine lover at the trade level.

Build Brand Awareness
Educate the consumer and trade about wine and wine tasting, which is an essential way to building greater brand awareness. The back cover of the compact EWTG can be branded with your company's corporate logo and website details.

Corporate Gift
The Chinese have an age long culture of corporate gift giving, this small inexpensive gift can be used by your distributor to gift to their many on-and-off trade clients.

* Closes to credit card size
* Covers sparkling, white, red, dessert and fortified wines
* Major and emerging Australian and international wine grape varieties
* Over 1,200 wine and tasting descriptors
* Wine colour comparison guide
* Tactile and wine descriptor groups
* Faults in wine
* Temperature serving guide
* Wine scoring guide
* Neutral white background for colour assessment


Australian RRP = $9.95 per unit
Standard Wholesale Price = $6.60 per unit
No minimum quantity required!
Quantitative Pricing available on request.
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