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Australian & New Zealand Winemakers
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Plastic Fermentation Vats - 500, 750, 1000 litre
Stainless Steel canisters - 100 litre
Varible capcity tank with slope floor, hatch door, leg supports, cooling jacket - 1500 litre
Artenova Amphora - 300 L & 500 L
Hydro - Press - 160 litre
Della Toffola NDC 30 Destemmer/Crusher - 22 - 30 T/H
Della Toffola 30 sq mtr Crossflow
Della Toffola 30 kl Auto Continuous Floatation wtih Dosing and Saturation
Della Toffola ECOFLOT batch floatation units
Garbellotto Oak 225 l - 2500 litre several options available
Maurer Gep Cider equipment - Belt press, Hopper feeder, Bin tipper/elevator
Rizzolio Isobaric glass filler and capper
Framax Semi Auto Integrated Wine Gravity Filler/Corker
AVE 3500 BPH Isobaric Monobloc w/ Rinser, Filler, ROPP, Capper, & Corker
Technomax ROPP Screwcapper
Automatic Keg Pckaging Block
LAInox - 10 Hl Brewhouse
Conical Fermenters - 1200 litres


Whole Bunck Feed Hopper on wheels
Della Toffola NDC 18 Destemmer/Crusher - 13-18 T/H
Open Throat Positive Displacement Pump - 10-12 T/H
Open and Closed ferment & storage tanks 3kl - 12kl

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Australian & New Zealand Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
Australian & New Zealand Winemakers provides innovative, quality and complete equipment solutions to commercial wineries, large or small. Since 1966, we have been committed to working with our customers to achieve their goals. We offer industry leading technical back-up and support, consisting of an experienced team of engineers, technicians, winemakers, advisors and product specialists.

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