EGG and Amphora fermenters/storage vessels: Concrete and S/Steel versions IN Stock

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Egg vessels for those wineries seeking to add an extra layer of complexity or a different style.
High-Tech-Version Concrete Egg:
the shape of the egg is in perfect geometrical harmony. It is ideal for storing wine because it does not have to contend with any edges or obstacles when it circulates around the vessel. The air passing through the egg’s concrete walls enables the desired polymers to form during the wine’s maturation process. Heavy wine molecules gliding down the inner sides of the oversized egg push the lighter wine molecules in the middle of the egg back up, resulting in a type of circulation. The wine can move around freely and completely unencumbered.
EGGOIST Concrete Egg volume of 908 litres supplied with top opening for breather and washing, Manhole on the side with sample tap & bottom ball valve.

EGGINOX full stainless steel egg of 1,500 litres
Supplied with top manway with breather, side manway, 2 ball valves and sample tap.
An option is an internal s/steel cooling plate supported by the top manway (see last photo).

Amphora of 880litres manufactured in stainless steel commonly used in Europe for the fermentation and storage of white and red wines with skins.
Supplied with top manway with breather, thermowell for temp probe, sample tap and 2 ball valves: 50mm racking and 65mm drainage.

All Eggs are manufactured in Europe. Please contact ABEVE for details and pricing.

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Thomastown VIC 3074
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