Della Toffola PE 50 Open Cage Press - In Stock and Available Now!!

Vitis & Winemakers
96 Chifley Drive
Preston, VIC 3072
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PE 50 – Open cage drain press
Single door, axial feed with manual valve.
Leg extensions (not shown in picture).

Whole Bunch: 3500kg
Crushed Grapes: 10,000-15,000kg
Fermented Grapes: 15,000-20,000kg

The advantages of this design include;
- Thinner pressing cake
- Shorter pressing times by as much as 50%
- Lower working pressure
- Fewer pressing and cake breaking cycles
- Quickest separation and drainage of juice from oxidizing polyphenol enzymes

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Vitis & Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
It might be a new name, but Vitis & Winemakers represents over 76 years of combined wine industry experience across Australia & New Zealand. Previous businesses named Australian & New Zealand Winemakers and Vitis (NZ), have merged into a single entity named Vitis & Winemakers, creating one of the largest winery equipment suppliers in the regions.

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