Della Toffola ECOFLOT "S" Batch Float pumps

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Save time, money and energy with Della Toffola's Ecoflot pumps.

Get juice to ferment faster, without having to cold settle. Speak to our team today about how you can incorporate this technology into your processes.

AISI 304 stainless steel whell-mounted structure
Centrifugal feed and pressurization pump
Saturation unit
Gas injection system
Gas feed system complete with filter
Gas flow meter
Kieselgur suction devise
IN/OUT ball valve complete with connections
Electric control panel
Standard Voltage 400V/3/50 Hz
Model S1
170 hl/h (@ 5 bar)
Model S2
330 hl/h (@ 5 bar)
Model S3
510 hl/h (@ 5 bar)
Vitis & Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
It might be a new name, but Vitis & Winemakers represents over 76 years of combined wine industry experience across Australia & New Zealand. Previous businesses named Australian & New Zealand Winemakers and Vitis (NZ), have merged into a single entity named Vitis & Winemakers, creating one of the largest winery equipment suppliers in the regions.

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