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Della Toffola ceramic membrane crossflow is THE answer to your filtration requirements. lower trans-membrane pressure than RDV or depth filtration, Fully automatic loading, filtration, discharging and washing phases, customisable to manage temperature load and pressure. Able to filter beer and wines at below zero, with KHT and Bentonite (at 0.5 g/l in suspension), a membrane GUARANTEED 10 years, these filters are the most versatile in the market.

As this filter can run "hands free", a cellar hand can set this up, push start, and return to other duties, or, run overnight.

Membranes are guaranteed for ten years from first operation - no fine print.
Any damaged membrane tube can be completely blanked off - not left in place to harbour contaminants.
Can use "normal" cellar chemical additives like caustic and citric - no propriety solutions required.
10" Operator touch screen for fully automatic PLC control
Easy to use, just two parameters to input to start filtration.
On screen monitoring with easy to read display
Remote technical support with "Raspberry" technology
Help prevent cross contamination of Brett & VA as we can CIP with hot water and/or steam, high concentrations of caustic, phosphoric and even nitric if necessary.

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96 Chifley Drive
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