Della Toffola Central Membrane Pneumatic Presses

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The most notable advantage to central membrane presses are greater drainage provides better separation of juice from the polyphenol oxidases that oxidize the quality of overall juice. This is where overall winemaking advantage over all press design is with Della Toffola.

• Cycle time is more than half that of side membrane presses depending on air receiver size 70 - 90minutes versus side membrane pressing times are typically 180min.

• Axial feed designed to load into the centre of the tank. Reducing the requirement to rotate the press to distribute fruit, reduction in suspended solids.

• The juice drainage in central membrane presses occurs without the back pressure as occurs in side bag presses. The back pressure within side bag membrane presses has nowhere to go but to sheer through the skins and juice volume competing to push through the same drain channels out of the tank, very much through the very same path the juice must travel. This is not the case for central membrane presses where by the path of least resistance for the back pressure/ air gets vented in the opposite direction of the draining juice to atmosphere out the north-facing axis. The concentrations of dissolved oxygen mixing with the concentrations of polyphenols is dramatically reduced for Della Toffola press designs.

Models Available:
PE/PF - Open Tank (PE 12 - PE 80 / PF 160 - PF 480)
PEC/PFC - Closed Tank (PEC 25 - PEC 100 / PFC 160 - PFC 700)
PEC/PFC - Nitrogen (PEC 25 - PEC 100 / PFC 160 - PFC 240)
Australian & New Zealand Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
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