Clayver Ceramic “Egg Shape” Wine Fermenters

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Clayver is a ceramic “Egg Shape” Wine Fermenter container designed specifically for winemaking, including fermentation, conservation and ageing.

Clayver is made of a special type of highly consistent compact sandstone, similar in many ways to natural granite. Unlike terracotta, it is very tough, which makes it easier to handle. The material is waterproof and therefore no special provisions are necessary to prevent the evaporation of the liquid, such as wax, enamel or resin coating. The material is naked. The intrinsically micro-porous structure of the ceramic material allows gas exchange with the exterior, but only in limited quantity and over a long time. Hence, the container is also suitable for long ageing.

Clayver is available in a 250-litre, 350-litre and 400-litre version. S/S or Wooden Stand, bottom valve/drain optional.

SWAT Winery & Vineyard Supplies

38 Farrall Road
Midvale WA 6056
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