Cadalpe Automatic Cross Flow Filter: 4 module with option to increase to 6

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The Cross Flow models represent the latest development by Cadalpe in filtration for the small to large sized winery. The distinct advantages of these models are:

Polypropylene hollow fibre membranes with 1.2mm capillaries which have been selected for better filtration cycles of Australian full bodied red wines. Each membrane has 12.5mtsq of surface area; with the 4 membranes this equates to 60mtsq and with the possibility to grow to 75mtsq.

Compact design with easy manoeuvrability means it can be tucked away neatly while working or while in storage.

Inert Gas Injection ensures minimal oxygen pickup, and evacuation of wine residues within the filter.

For the automatic versions feature a Touch Screen PLC and pneumatic valves provides full automation for the filtration cycles for multiple days without supervision.

Installed dosing pumps (for chemical wash), solenoid valves for the hot & cold water entry and the washing tank provide an automated washing cycle (initiated by the operator at the PLC screen at the start up).

Specific Pumps for wine entry (feed), trans-membrane pressure, washing and wine exit.

A pre-filter, placed at the entry of feeding and washing pump, equipped with removable metallic cartridge having a passage opening of 150µm. There is also another pre-filter, placed at the entry of the washing water, with removable polypropylene cartridge having a passage opening of 1µm.

Other Automatic Models available:
C41 A with a choice of 6, 8 or 10 modules (option to have these on larger skids for potential future growth)

Semi-Automatic Models:
C41 S with 1 or 2 modules.

ABEVE currently have a 4 module unit on a 6 skid in Australia for purchase.

If you would like any further information or the possibility of trialling a Cadalpe filter please contact ABEVE on 130076976


10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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