Bucher Vaslin (FX3 LWL) Cross Flow Fitler

Wine energy
11E Meredith Street
Newton, SA 5074
0439 021 913 (Main Phone)
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35% deposit time of order
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2.5-3 months from order to winery
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Brand new Bucher Vaslin FX3 LWL Juice Lees / Wine cross flow filter (2016 Showroom model)
Includes 3 Wine filtration Membranes & 3 Juice Lees filtration membranes
Includes D3 pre-filter for juice lees filtration
Includes turbidity meter & water filtration system
Available for immediate shipping from Europe (allow 3 months from time of order)
FOB from Adelaide (can negotiate other major city delivery)
We'll be at stand #1349 at Winetech
Call Radek on 0439 021 913 for details or to organise a time for meeting
Wine energy

11E Meredith Street
Newton SA 5074
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