Borelli Ciao+ XP 12 head bottle filler available now ex-stock

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Borelli Ciao + XP including 12 head filler, rinser and capper

- Throughput litres/hour 1500
- Max speed rate bph 1700

The available stock unit includes
- 12 Head type RM filler
- 12 valve XP Rinsing Turret
- ALEXA HD 2.0 screwcapper
- 1 Set of star-wheels
- Variable speed drive (inverter)
- Inert gas injection prior to capping
- Direct nitrogen injection in the filler bowl
- Vacuum and inert gas injection station prior to filling
- Pipes and spray balls for cleaning filler bowl
- Overflow sensor on outfeed

Feel free to contact any of our offices for more detailed specifications

59 Banbury Rd
Reservoir VIC 3073
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