Bolondi Barrel Cask-Vat and Tank Cleaning heads - water driven

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Introducing the wider of Bolondi cleaning heads suitable for cleaning tanks, large format oak casks - vats and the traditional barrels.

The RW610 is a water driven cleaning head for larger tanks able to wash diameters of 5 metres and heights of 12 metres. This unit operates with centrifugal pumps and it can be supplied with the wash tub with screen (see last photo) to assist with recirculation.
The open head design means there are no problems with foreign bodies causing long breakdowns and service repairs.
The cleaning head can be supplied with the s/steel fold up tripod stand to allow an easier access into the bottom door.

The FV02 is a cleaning head suitable for smaller tanks with entry usually occurring thorugh the top manway supported by a s/steel chain. The FV020 can be fed by a centrifugal pump or a high pressure water unit with a simple change of nozzles enabling this. As the water bypasses the internal gearing, chemical or cleaning agents can be added into the solution.
It requires a top opening of minimum 234mm to enter the tank or vessel.

The XB031AAH is an extended shaft cleaning head that is used to clean large format oak casks and vats through a 50mm top opening. The cleaning head weighs only 7kgs with a length of just over 1 metres. Importantly it features an adjustable plate on the upper part of the shaft allowing the operator to set required depth of the cleaning ball. It can clean oak casks of 1.6 - 2 mteres in diameter.

Barrel Cleaning head mounted on a compact trolley, this unit is water driven comng from the customers water pressure unit. Nozzles are installed to achievea a target pressure of 120bar.
Available with 4 spray nozzles for water flows from 15+ litres per minute or 2 spray nozzles for water supply of 8 - 16lts/min. A 4 spray nozzle can complete 2 full rotations inside the barrel in only 200 seconds.
See below video of the Bolondi operating in the Barossa Valley.

The wash tubs, mounted on wheels are manufactured in Italy with a s/steel screen to capture any foreign objects in the recirculating solutions. Two models ar eavailable on with an installed centrifugal pump and control baox; the othe just with inlet - outlets for use with an external pump.

Please contact ABEVE for further details and pricing.

F11, 11 - 15 Green Street
Thomastown VIC 3074
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