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Automatic Bag in Box & stand up Pouch filler - Fills hot & cold liquids
Simple to use: START button – machine automatically removes the tap, vacuums the bag, fills then closes the bag.
• Extremely versatile.
• Perfect for filling various liquids: juice, wine, milk, broth, oil, fruit & vegetable puree, cream, coffee, ice cream, soap, chemicals, etc.
• Fills Bag in Box bags from 1L to 30L.
• Fills Stand up Pouch packages from 0.75 to 5L.
• Also possible to fill 220L bags with a special filling gun.
• The filler can have optional interchangeable filling heads. This way with one filler you can fill bags with different closures, such as tap, milk tube, screw cap, simple cap, etc.
• Laser safety mechanism automatically stops & cancels the filling process in case of an accident.
• High-quality automatic filling head provides stable and smooth filling process.

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Grapeworks Pty Ltd

71-75 Redwood Drive
Dingley Village VIC 3172
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