X-Vineyard Gripfast Posts & Vine Stakes

Vine Sight
38 Appin Street
Wangaratta, VIC 3677
0409 163 209 (Main Phone)
Shipping Info
Shipping arranged country wide
Second hand Posts are strapped & ready for transport.

Bundles of approx. 150 posts per bundle.

Gripfast - $4 + GST
Vine Stakes - $3 + GST

Freight arrangements available.

Vist our website www.vinesight.com.au for further information or call at anytime 0409 163 209
Vine Sight

38 Appin Street
Wangaratta VIC 3677
Vine Sight recognises both the changes and challenges currently being faced by grape growers. Vine Sight offers an individualised, Australia-wide Vineyard Removal service, for any vineyard size or setup.

We thrive on working with you to achieve your goals and to create a viable future for your agricultural business. We have developed customised equipment and efficient vineyard removal processes that make Vineyard Removal a cost-effective option for you.

We believe in complete vine removal the first time, every time. Our customised equipment effectively removes vines and roots, with minimal soil disturbance and less chance of re-growth the following season.

If you wish to email us, please do so at info@vinesight.com.au or simply visit our website Vineyard Removal page to complete our online form to ensure we are comparing 'grapes with grapes' and we will prepare an obligation free quote for you.

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