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Willmes Merlin Presses - they will be still working when you retire!

10 Harborne Street
Macleod, VIC 3085
1300768976 (Main Phone)
0425 774 988 (Mobile Phone)
Investing in German engineering and workmanship is purchasing a press once in your working life. Even now you can walk into many wineries in Australia that still have a 30+ year old Willmes press operating!
The Willmes MERLIN presses feature the patented VERTICAL S/STEEL DRAINAGE SCREENS and Double Membrane system which they are famous for.
With the Merlin press you will achieve:
A 50% increase of extra free run – ‘A grade’ juice
80% of the available juice can be extracted at 0.2bar pressure
Fewer rotations resulting in less solids
Less compressed air needed to complete the cycle and therefore less power required

The MERLIN series of presses feature a large door opening, almost the entire length of the tank, for easier loading of whole bunches or red ferments. Unloading the pressed marc is also quicker.
The vertical screens can also be removed from outside of the tank, making cleaning quicker, safer and easier.

The Merlin Presses are available in models ranging from 1,100 to 5,000 litre tank volumes
holding 3 - 13 tons of crushed white grapes.

Please view the attached video showing the innovation and workmanship of the Willmes Presses.

Special pricing available for orders placed before September 30, 2016. Please contact ABEVE for details and pricing.
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