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Stalk Shredder for 20+ton destemmer: Mulch & Reduce your stalk waste

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Stalks are the unwanted reject from the harvesting and destemming process that need to be either transported offsite to a disposal site or to a compost site for nature to slowly mulch it.
Stalks represent 5% of the weight but up to 80% of the bunch mass.
With a destemmer processing 20 tons per hour of handpicked grapes can expect up to 1 ton of stalk mass. For a larger winery destemming machine picked grapes at 60 tons per hour can expect at least 1 – 2 tons of stalks matter.
There can be a considerable cost in transporting this off site or even down to the ‘back paddock’ to create your own compost.
The installation of a stalk shredder can dramatically reduce this cost as it will reduce the stalk matter to less than 5mm bits which can represent up to a 80% reduction of the stalk mass. This will save you on your transport costs and/or quicken your composting process!
ABEVE have a GBM stalk shredder that is suitable for destemmers up to 25tons/hour. Whether it is hand picked or machine harvested, the stalk shredder can reduce your stalk waste.
The GBM stalk shredder features a spring loaded rotating blade that will briefly retract if a large piece of wood or stone attempts to block the process. The unit in stock would normally retail for AUD $18,500 + GST We are offering our unit in stock for $13,950 + GST

10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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