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AIM Sales offers Nally Megabins, AIM Forward Bin Tippers, Hydraladas, Orchard Ladders, Crates, Tubs, Portable Frost Fans & More!

** The Nally MegaBin is the winery’s favourite half tonne bin and is the original Australian pallet size bulk bin. Heavy duty lids are also available to suit.

- Manufactured from High Density Food Grade Polyetheleyne for hygiene and strength.
- Unique design with large rounded forklift entry.
- Smooth non-absorbent surface.
- Interlocking foot design permits fast & safe stacking
- Available in vented & non vented version with lids, tipping bars, liquid bungs, hot stamping and sequential numbering

** The AIM Forward Bin Tipper is the ideal choice for transferring bulk produce or product from a wide variety of different sizes of timber or plastic bins.

Features -
- Has a capacity of 1 tonne and is robustly constructed for years of service in the most demanding of production environments.
- It is a far superior, economical, efficient and safer system than a forklift rotator.
- The tipper quickly and easily mounts on any standard forklift.
- The tipping operation is smooth and fully controllable; allowing excellent visibility and a better-regulated tipping area.
- The Tipper does not obstruct the users view of the tines, and the forklift can still be used to handle pallets and stacked bins with the Tipper fitted.

** Hydraladas - AIM Sales import the Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms into Australia from New Zealand. These all-terrain machines are recognized as the best elevating work platform for Orchard or Forestry work.

** Aluminium Orchard Ladders - AIM Sales also manufacture both the Bow & Tripod ladder. These strong, yet lightweight ladders are designed to maximise picking efficiency. We are able to custom make to suit your picking requirements.

** Tow and Blow Portable Frost Fans - These fans are unprecedented in the frost protection market protecting vineyards, as the most efficient frost fan on the market. Using only 5 litres of diesel per hour, these fans are also fitted with an auto start/stop as standard to further enhance efficiencies. Due to the portable nature of these fans, during the summer months the Tow and Blow can be put to good use, being perfectly suited for general ventilation and cooling applications, protecting crops against excessive heat, and drying fruit pre-harvest and before pruning.

We offer competitive pricing, fast turn-arounds, and always strive to meet our customers' needs.

Please contact us to see how we can assist you.
A.I.M. Sales

18 Battista St
Griffith NSW 2680
A.I.M. Sales manufactures and distributes a range of Machinery and Equipment for use in Agriculture and Industry. Our range includes:

• A.I.M. Forward Bin Tippers for safe and efficient handling of bulk product and produce
• Nally Megabins - plastic pallet or fruit bins
• Tow & Blow Frost Fans for the ultimate solution to combat frost

All at the most competitive prices!

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