French and Slavonian oak barrels and Foudres minimum 36 month seasoning.

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From the premier large format cooperage in the world – Garbellotto - who supply most of the top European wineries and specialize in large format cooperage. They’ve been at it for almost 300 years, and no-one makes better, or stronger tonneaux than they do, from 225 barriques through to 25,000 litre vats.

All staves can be sorted and pre-selected for the presence of aromatic precursors.

The Experience is a 1000 litre open top vessel, on a forklift skid, with a removable and sealable steel lid. A perfect open top fermenter, which can be tipped into a press.
The lids are slightly conical, and so can be topped with zero ullage. They seal perfectly.

Available in a selection of French oak, or Slovenian, toasted or steamed. The cooperage sources the oak as trees, and mills and seasons the staves for 8-10 months per cm of wood. Staves are 55cm thick.

The vat is a conical trunk vat, wider at the base than at the top, with tasting valve, drain valve, and can be stacked.

Botticelle are large format - 750 - 1000 litre "barrels" with drain tubes, steel doors, steel lids, and are rotatable on a stand.
Australian & New Zealand Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
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