KAMBERRA - Winery Plant & Equipment - Expressions of Interest

KAMBERRA - Winery Plant & Equipment - Expressions of Interest

The Elvin Group
Cnr Northbourne Avenue & Flemington Road Lyneham
Canberra, ACT 2602
0401 555 088 (Main Phone)
Kamberra Winery - Canberra, ACT
Complete Plant & Equipment 2,000-3,000 tonne capacity
Seeking Expressions of Interest

The Elvin Group is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) for the purchase of all plant and equipment associated with the former Kamberra winery and vineyard.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase and relocate most of the equipment required for an efficient, 2000-3000 tonne winery, or to increase existing capacity.

The Kamberra Winery was established by BRL Hardy in 2000 in Canberra’s Showground precinct. The current owners purchased the facility in 2007. The winery is not currently in operation and the equipment is generally in excellent condition.

Machinery includes:
• Over 2ML of fixed storage tanks and 500 tonne of red fermentation tanks, complete with insulation, catwalks, temperature control and brine connections and including a large number of combination fermenter/storage tanks
• Two 15kL Vaslin Bucher airbag presses and one Mozola hydraulic basket press
• A comprehensive range of fruit receival equipment, including a Vaslin Bucher E4 crusher/destemmer and a DimpleFlo must chiller
• A range of winery pumps
• A demountable cool room/barrel store with a 20kW air conditioner
• Compressed air, refrigeration, boiler and effluent equipment
• Laboratory benches and equipment
• Approximately 1,200 metres of stainless steel service lines (50 and 100mm) A Pellenc 3200 self-propelled grape harvester
• A tractor-mounted spray cart and three grape bin trailers

The site will be available for inspection on dates specified by the vendor. Interested parties are requested to contact the vendor to make an appointment for a site inspection at kamberrawinerysale@bigpond.com

Additional technical information, drawings and photographs are available online at

Genuine offers for all equipment as a single lot will be considered. Joint venture arrangements and consortiums are welcome.

A complete Information Memorandum and image gallery are available by clicking the VISIT WEBSITE link above.

For further information please contact Clint Parsons
e: kamberrawinerysale@bigpond.com
m: +61 (0) 401 555 088

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