COF French Oak Puncheons, 36 months seasoned, MT, tight grain

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COF French Oak, Staves 32cm, seasoned 36 months, available in mid April from the best large format coopers in the world. Tight Grain, medium toast

Located just north of Venice, Garbellotto supply many of the finest Barolo wineries, and wineries worldwide. They are renowned for the consistency and longevity of their vessels.

Garbellotto source trees and season staves solely for their production from the classic French barrel forests Allier, Never, Fontainbleu, Limousin, Vosges, or, oak from Slavonia.

All Garbellotto casks, vats, and barrels use oak seasoned for 8 – 10 months per cm of wood

Garbellotto toast their barrels and vats using a Digital Toasting System: this system ensures an even, specified temperature is achieved across every square centimetre of wood. This toasting method combines tradition and technological innovation, managing to digitally control the braziers used for toasting the casks and barrels. Today, the toasting process can be set to specifically desired temperature: 170°, 175°, 180°, 190°, 200°. This system ensures that all staves reach the same temperature at the same time, without temperature fluctuations, guaranteeing that the wood expresses its maximum aromas. "
Australian & New Zealand Winemakers

96 Chifley Drive
Preston VIC 3072
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