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Mastro Bottaio Italia
Foudre Round or Oval and Fermenters large format from 10hl to 65hl

The Mastro Bottaio Italia cooperage is based in the northeast Italy where Mr Cristiano Visintini and his young and upbeat team manufacture traditional large format French Oak foudres, vats and fermenters.

The advantage of larger oak casks for fermentation and storage is their thermal inertia. The low-level micro-oxygenation reactions help to polymerise tannins and avoid reductive flavours developing during ageing.
Due to the stave thickness the micro-oxygenation is long so the wine matures gently over time.

Respect for the fruit by larger oak casks is now on top of the list for wine producers. Supporting fruit flavour rather than adding oak flavour are the modern stylistic priorities.
Optimising the use of oak for micro-oxygenation properties rather than oak characters is important where fruit, rather than ‘boisée’ characters are sought.

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PO Box 315
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