Pasteuriser and Press for Apple juice / Cider Production

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This is a complete apple juice / cider making set up, includes hydraulic press with two stainless steel baskets each pressing down approx 200/300kg, pump, pasteuriser, bottle filler and small coolroom/freezer room.

Kreuzmayr Flash Pasteuriser easy to operate on bottle gas (gas bottle not included).
Manufacturered in Germany - innovative design and quality for this highly efficient yet affordable.

The automatic pasteurizer is used to pasteurize the juice from fruits or vegetables.The provided juice is pumped by means of the juice pump through the pipe-in-pipeheat-exchanger.

This consists of two interleaved pipes, the outer of which has flowinghot water in the required temperature of 80 °C, provided by the heating kettle. Insidethe inner pipe the juice flows in the opposite direction, thus providing a gentle heating.

• Hydraulic Press and two baskets $5000
• Pasteuriser $17,000
• Bottle filler $1,500
• Pump $500
• Coolroom/Freezer Room $5000
• Bin Tipper $200

Total price $29200 incl gst

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