Spring frosts are coming...are you prepared? - Tow & Blow Frost Fans

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The mobile Tow and Blow Frost Fans are the ultimate solution to combat frost. With the wind machines portability, it can be relocated quickly to protect different areas of your crop and adjusted to suit prevailing winds, and best positioned within the terrain for maximum protection. As this machine is portable, no council approval is required nor are any foundations needed. Due to the Tow and Blow’s narrow wheel base the machine can be positioned between the rows of your crop, eliminating the need to remove any vines or trees to allow for this protection.

The Tow and Blow is unprecedented in the frost protection market protecting vineyards and orchards, with results showing that the machine operates at half the noise level of any other wind machine in the world. It is difficult to hear at 300 metres, hence reducing any interference with neighbouring properties.

The Tow and Blow is more efficient than conventional methods in the horticultural and vinicultural industries, using only 5 litres of diesel per hour. Auto start/stop is a standard feature on these frost protection machines, further enhancing efficiencies.

With the Tow and Blow’s adjustable fan head, the impeller can be angled, making this machine well suited to valleys or hills. The entire fan head oscillates horizontally exponentially increasing the area that this machine protects.

Contact AIM Sales to discuss how we can help you with preventing frost damage this winter.

A.I.M. Sales

18 Battista St
Griffith NSW 2680
A.I.M. Sales imports and manufactures a range of Machinery and Equipment for use in Agriculture and Industry. Our range includes:

• A.I.M. Forward Bin Tippers for safe and efficient handling of bulk product and produce
• Nally Megabins - plastic pallet or fruit bins
• Tow & Blow Frost Fans for the ultimate solution to combat frost

All at the most competitive prices !!

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