Premium French Oak Puncheon Stock - available for immediate delivery

Master Cask
PO Box 2082
Prospect, SA 5082
0488 119 690 (Main Phone)
0422 164 157 (Mobile Phone)
Limited stock of Tonnellerie Meyrieux puncheons perfectly suited for premium Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Grenache.

Also limited stock of Tonnellerie Sylvain barriques and hogsheads available.

Please contact us for pricing and all other enquiries.
Master Cask

PO BOX 2082
Prospect SA 5082
Master Cask is a leading oak barrel specialised business suppling the Australian wine, spirits and brewing industries. Master Cask was founded in 2010 with a vision to establish a unique portfolio of cooperages. Today Master Cask represents a complementary portfolio of 6 individual specialised cooperages supplying ultra-premium French and American Oak, Barrels, Casks and Vats to the wine industry and a range of international, and locally coopered new and used barrels, to the distilling and brewing industry. We proudly represent the following cooperages: Tonnellerie Sylvain, Tonnellerie Meyrieux, Kelvin Cooperage, Marc Grenier Foudrerie, SA Cooperage, Tasmania Cask Co.

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