Cadalpe Sulphitometer 5kg

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The Cadalpe sulphitometer is a simple, practical and safe device to accurately dose pure Sulphur Dioxide into juice or wine. The Sulphur Dioxide can be administered as a gas or liquid.
The recessed glass scale is of particular note for safety reasons when used in wineries.
Manufactured in Aisi 316 Stainless Steel
Capacity to hold up to 6kg of liquid Sulphur dioxide (5kg version)
Klinger toughened glass mirror with graduated scale in grams: every 10g (1kg) and  50g (5kg model).
The glass scale is recessed in the housing protecting it from breakages.
Hose with unions and reductions for Sulphur Dioxide filling.
Four Sample Cocks (with ½” male hose nipple) to perform the following:
Sulphur Dioxide Gas dispensing, Sulphur Dioxide Liquid dispensing
Sulphur Dioxide Filling and Emptying
Model:             C13 – 1kg
Dimensions:    250 x 130 x 535 (Ht) mm; Weight: 6.6kg Empty, 8.2kg Full         
Model:             C13 – 5kg
Dimensions:    260 x 260 x 710 (Ht) mm; Weight: 8.3kg Empty; 14.3kg Full 

5kg model in stock for immediate delivery. 1kg version is available ex-Italy

10 Harborne Street
Macleod VIC 3085
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